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The courses are delivered through a unique and innovative blended learning methodology called FCR methodology.

The FCR methodology is unique to Speak for Sure English language courses. Based on the principles of flipped-classroom model of learning and skill development it blends four main components for effective skill building in the right proportion. The four components are

  1. Self paced learning and practice
  2. Paired learning and practice
  3. Tutor guided interactive learning and practice
  4. Continuous and comprehensive assessments.

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Self paced learning and practice
  • Instructor led interactive videos with “dubbing and playback” feature.
  • Well designed and user friendly workbook.
  • Assignments and exercises for practice by self.
Collaborative learning
  • Assignments and activities for practice with peer.
  • Interactive assignments for practice with peer.
Guided learning and practice
  • Face to face/voice based tutorials with experienced tutors.
  • Tutorials filled with activities.
Continuous and comprehensive assessments
  • Scenario based online test by self supported with diagnostic reports for self assessment of progress and improvement.
Learning confirmation
  • After completing 4 to 5 lessons in a course an activity based interaction with tutor is held to confirm learning and skill development.
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