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 Speak For Sure

Speak for Sure is a unique and innovative English language skill development Program for the youth (in the age group 17 years to 25 years)

To begin with,Speak for Sure Program has three courses:

  • Speak for Sure – Beginner level (SfS:BL)
  • Speak for Sure – Intermediate level (SfS:IL)
  • Speak for Sure – Advanced level (SfS:AL)

On completion of the entire Program, the learner will be able to achieve:

  • Overcome inhibition, shyness, fear and hesitation in speaking and using the English language so that they can express themselves fluently in their every day life.
  • Gain confidence and comfort to interact with group or individual (known or unknown).
  • Understand nuances of the English language and avoid common errors/ mistakes.

Speak for Sure English courses have a main story running from beginning to the end of the course, with an episode for each lesson. Each episode covers a set of functions while revising some of them covered in previous lessons. The story is delivered to the student in the form of interactive videos guided by an instructor.

The characters in the interactive video are much like the ones that the learner will encounter in her/his life. The learner is expected to play and live the role of one of the characters in the main story. This can be achieved by the “dubbing and playback” feature in the main video.

Supporting the functions covered in the main story, are small episodes, assignments narratives etc. to reinforce skills gained by the learner finally resulting in retention forever.

In addition to these, there are a number of speech-related written assignments and exercises to gain skills in other areas like vocabulary and grammar.

The students are expected to discuss with the tutor all the associated assignments and exercises, besides sharing their experience of self-paced learning and practice. The whole interaction will be conducted in English only.

As students progress in the course, they gradually improve their quality of English as they get to ‘feel’ the English language by ‘living the language’.

Speak For Sure