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Speak For Sure

The need for a Program in English language skills is compelled by a major shift in the status of English, now under way in India. More people will use English, for more purposes than ever before.

There are three main drivers in India towards the greater use of English:

  • Education (for higher education in Domestic as well as international Institutions, good skills in English is a must)
  • Employment (many jobs in the organised sector now require good English skills);
  • Social mobility (English is seen as an access route to progress in society and geographical mobility within India and beyond).

However, large sections of youth in this country are finding it extremely difficult in getting their first job or securing admission for higher education or progressing in their career because of the lack of good communication skill in English.

Addressing these issues, experts with vast experience in education and training have developed a skills improvement program – Speak for Sure….

Speak for Sure is meant for students, graduates and professionals in the age group of 17 years and above. The courses will enable them gain good command of English language with special focus on one’s spoken ability.

Speak For Sure